I’m Back and Politicians are Still So Predictable

In a scripted knee-jerk reaction that is ingrained into politicians like a bad gene, the PM of New Zealand took all the scripted reactionary steps in response to the Mosque shootings last week. (Please don’t be shocked that the link is from Al Jazeera – it is actually more accurate than the trash sites – Slate, Huffington Post, and NPR that Google offers as “news.”)

  • Step One: Label everything an “assault rifle” that doesn’t look like a flint-lock
  • Step Two: Ban any magazine that is high-capacity, while not defining the parameters of capacity
  • Step Three: Ban all “semi-automatic” weapons – could this include the Salad Shooter as well? A radish slice to the eyeball could have snowflakes running for their crayons and coloring books
  • Step Four: Blame politicians from America for your internal stupidity and the policies
  • Step Five: Produce the fake story that a good Muslim with a gun returned fire, sans video evidence or evidence of any kind.

A sad event made worst by the brain-dead reaction and draconian limits now placed on the innocents, those who had nothing to do with the event. Add to that the fact that this event pushed the continuing slaughter of Christians in Nigeria off of those same news feeds, I jest, killing 200+ Christians for being Christians is never going to push the lefts agenda off their front pages, they can not even define in words how to keep themselves from being antisemitic anymore.

As for New Zealand I guess it is not surprising that a country that banned all nuclear powered vessels from its waters, and much more, in 1987 would institute the failed policies of American Democrats in reaction to a clear case of mental illness. Out of curiosity I did check and you can be prescribed radiation therapy in New Zealand by doctors and actually receive it within the country. I have not been to New Zealand but I have met a number of their citizens around the world and I can say I have never met a Kiwi I didn’t like. Their government, not so much, mainly because it is no smarter than any other.

What I think is our innocence has really been lost, more like murdered in the content of the Media and the Halls of Government. I guess there was a time when government leaders earned respect, served their constituents, and took steps for the greater good as oppose to their own profit and that of the donor-class that magically makes their six (6) figure salaries become mega-million-dollar fortunes. Maybe a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, maybe. Sadly I was taught history by some pretty amazing people. I didn’t know it at the time but their lessons opened my eyes and I don’t know whether to thank or curse them for that. It would be so easy to just melt into the mindless blob of humanity and believe the mantra, it is the lazy persons way out.


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