What I Would Really Like For Christmas

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Tis’ the Season after all. This is my Christmas Wish List for the patriot who has Everything.

I call it my “If Only” list:

Now, if only we could give, in no particular order:

  • A sense of responsibility for one’s self and one’s family. A realization that you are your own first responder and you and your actions are your best chance for surviving most emergencies. An understanding that when seconds count help may be minutes away. This is a natural instinct to most, but alas not all
  • An understanding that there are people who plan out of a sense of self survival and out of love for their country, their families and their neighbors. These same people always question those who come with hidden agendas, are unknown to them but offer an open hand the first time in friendship
  • A requirement that the head of every household, no matter their gender or alternative self image, be trained in the safe and ethical use of firearms in defense of their lives and those for whom they are responsible
  • That if you can not produce a valid ID you can not vote
  • That voting ballots can only be submitted at official polling places. That shut-ins, the old and weak and sick are the only ones who can vote by an absentee ballot, one that is taken to them on election day, and counted on that day and that day only
  • That law-abiding Californian’s are returned the right to buy unregistered bullets and larger capacity mags for their personal defense
  • That people in New Jersey, where the newest restrictive laws on magazine capacity will apply to off-duty police officers as well as to every law-abiding citizen, but not to criminals, come to their collective senses and force their politicians to lead with intelligence as opposed to a failed mantra. The argument will be made that it will be another count in the prosecutions case. A hollow consolation for victims and their families
  • That hate not be the commodity that the Media sells for Google Analytics day in and day out

Yes, it is a short list in length, but long in hope that any of it will come to pass.

Be safe out there, rejoice in the company of family and friends be it grand and full of the celebration of the holiday or, quiet and intimate in the closeness shared with those who are special in your life, and remember those still loved who left us too soon.

Merry Christmas.

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