Globalism Takes One on the Chin

Just what is a “yellow vest” and why are they rioting? No doubt you have read the rational presented by our friends in the Media. No doubt.

Everyone in the European Union who owns a car is required to own a “yellow vest” for safety. Much like motorcycle helmet laws in most American states and the seat-belt law, it is an imposed government requirement. The yellow-vest must be worn in case of a road-side breakdown or accident, for the citizens safety.

Laws like this make Libertarians cringe but generally they have a logical side to them. I know I no longer feel comfortable being in a moving car without a seat-belt on and yet I have and ride a motorcycle without a helmet because my current home state does not require one. Part a freedom thing, part an unlimited view of road conditions and traffic with no obstruction of my peripheral vision. Also the morbid thought of saving the head of a body too mangled by an accident to function in a society that still views euthanasia as illegal dances in the background. My choice still.

The thing with such laws is two fold, one they have “unintended consequences” and two, they provide an inroad to those who, shall we say, want more “control.”

For example, if you live in Dubai as a foreigner you can buy liquor, yes, real hard liquor in a Muslim country. But you need a “liquor license” to do so and they are simple to obtain, you apply with your proper ID, name, address, work permit, etc. and the government of Dubai knows where you live and where you work and you can buy from approved government stores or be the recipient of gifts from friends visiting who hit the airport Duty Free shop. Like Malaysia, Dubai is a business-oriented modern Muslim society. One that knows where all the infidels within its borders live and work.

If you travel to China, and Europe and elsewhere as well, hotels who require your passport upon check-in report your presence to their local police every night as a part of their nightly audit. Amsterdam still a refreshing exception.

Laws and their sometimes intended consequences.

Now, as to the “yellow-vests” we have been told it is because of the “carbon tax” that would make petrol (diesel/gasoline) over $7.00 a gallon. The Euro has been taking a beating for quite a while and is down to €1.14 to $1.00, so €6.16 per gallon. Pricey. And of course this is put forth as the singular issue, when it is actually the one that finally tipped the apple cart. Yes, sorry globalists, but unchecked migration of people who refuse to assimilate is the other. I got grief from a waiter in Paris for insisting on ice for my glass of whisky, the French are both proud and touchy about their traditions.

This map shows where riots have occurred over the carbon tax:

A bit more widespread than what the media has shown. An unintended consequence of the information highway still being mostly open. What the media will allude to is that it is the French “middle class”, the bulk of which are their tradesmen, blue collar workers. Have you not heard globalists here label our middle class in a similar way. The people have said Enough Taxes! , and more and the media is starting to show the depth of what is going on in France. They have to in order to keep any shred of credibility due to, again, that darn internet that they so want controlled through Net Neutrality (a whole other sham for another time.)

So back to the rioters, the current solution proposed: the overbearing French government has now ask employers to give workers bonuses at the end of the year to help defer the taxes impact. A show of hands please from those that don’t think this is one, government overreach yet again and two, the harbinger of a new tax to be imposed on businesses in France to be passed along to consumers, which include the very citizen who are getting the bonuses, which will be taxed as income. Yet another rob Peter to pay Paul approach that solves nothing but fuels inflation and the further devaluation of the Euro. You just can’t make this stuff up.

The French Carbon Tax isn’t even a proper carbon tax: It was a plan to increase France’s version of the gas tax. Before the effort was suspended this week, but just to float their other tax plans, France was set to increase the diesel tax by 6.5 Euro cents per liter and the gasoline tax by 3.9 cents per liter.

Now if you want a real carbon tax look to Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. They lead the world in taxing citizens to fix global warming/cooling but haven’t a single plan as to actually doing that on any scale. I call it the “worry tax.” Philosophically worry is the emotional interest you pay on a debt not yet incurred. When you worry about an upcoming test or event like a medical examine, it is natural but really wasted energy, face the beast and deal with the options available.

What better for those who want more “control” than to wrap it in a bundle of worry and fear and use it to extract more from the working class, ostensibly wrapped as a new tax on business? Those who do not have to pay and do not understand economics will embrace it with zest! Make THEM Pay to Save the World! Only when THEY become part of THEM will they open an eye and look under the hood.

The French are looking under the hood.

Vive la France!


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