Did Anyone Have a Sign Asking for Better Parenting?

The weekend found the citizens of Chicago shutting down a freeway to “fix” gun violence. The protesters demanding action “from politicians” to fix the violence with more laws, more restrictions and more hoops to jump through that only law-abiding, responsible people would be subjected to and follow. Of course, a closer look at the protests reveals that they were actually protesting everything and anything as the “join the party” spirit of anarchy was alive and well.

And the main stream media was in full force.

It is, after all always someone else’ fault, or the fault of an inanimate object. And all things can be fixed with more government, more laws and more taxpayer dollars. The foolishness that personal responsibility, that parenting are just too much of an impact on my time to fix it and, after all, isn’t that why we elected them in the first place? Did they not promise that they had all the answers.

Thousands of anti-violence protesters pour into the inbound lanes of Interstate 94 known as the Dan Ryan Expressway Saturday, July 7, 2018 in Chicago. The protesters shut down the interstate to draw attention to the city’s gun violence and pressure public officials to do more to help neighborhoods hardest hit by it. (Ashlee Rezin /Chicago Sun-Times via AP) /Chicago Sun-Times via AP)

It has become so easy to shun responsibility, to blame others and to demand squeezing the blood out of the stone of others.

The police know the problem areas and the leaders BUT that is profiling! That is harassment. And you always have to factor in the race of the cop, the criminal and the victim, because if any of those are “an issue” then it is better to take no action because, you know, political correctness and social justice warriors. And those making that decision are the same ones these protesters claims to be the targets of their protests, but they are not. The target here was the police who have their hands tied, the gun lobby and ultimately Trump personally, because THEY are all responsible for the actions of these criminals, each an innocent victim of the oppression of the NRA.

As for the politicians, well, they had a twitter war as to how many lanes of the freeway the protesters should be allowed to block. The Governor lost to the Mayor. Those suffering the violence gained nothing but a few moments of sympathy from thousands tagging along to promote their own agenda. The local and state government will yet again try and replace individual responsibility with something that will cost more, raise their revenues and have zero effect on the root cause of the problem, but add more burden on people who obey laws. This isn’t a vicious circle, it is a downward spiral.

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