Turn Off the News – Freedom is Alive and Well Without It

Is Freedom an American invention? No. Neither is a government formed on a constitution an American invention. But, when you factor in the three most powerful words ever put into a constitution or government document – “We, the people”…then yes, while we the people may not have invented freedom, we greatly improved upon it and made it our most valuable export. 

And the freedom we have been offering for 242 years still makes us the world’s #1 destination for people seeking freedom and opportunity. Let me tell you I have personal friends who moved from France to Singapore for improved opportunity, who were here from Australia and returned to Australia for the same reason, as well as one from South Africa who did the same. Only death and taxes are absolute laws (and of course not being able to strike a match on a wet bar of soap) and taxes only because they are the one disease of government it that it can’t survive without. While America is not the only free place and opportunity can certainly be found elsewhere, it remains the big kid on the block in this department.

NEWS FLASH: Americans, and the people the world over, are not as they are portrayed in the media.

Acts of kindness can be seen not only in any disaster but in every corner of the world.

These pictures are from America, and Australia and Mexico and China. Similar pictures can be found of Israel and Jordan and Denmark and Kenya and pretty much anyplace other than the Democratic National Convention every 4 years.

The sense of community, of caring and of helping is very much alive and well outside of the Media who can so easy to be drawn into their sensationalism. They do, after all, do human interest stories on occasion, sweet stories of young restaurant workers helping a handicapped or elderly patron eat, of people who see others only as other humans in need and they sincerely care and want to make a difference as opposed to labeling everyone by race or religion or political philosophy. These acts happen every minute of every day all over the world.

But they don’t “sell” as well as the negative so they are but the refreshing break from the steady streaming of agenda, spin and really, re-education by revisionists bent on changing America.

If you watch the cable news networks, or the main-stream media, you are taught that America invented slavery and was built on the backs of their oppression. Slavery was practiced world-wide before there was an America and is still practiced today. The indigenous peoples of the America’s made slaves of their captives from the Yukon to the Patagonia’s, and everywhere in between. It was not imported from Europe, where it had been in practice for centuries, as it was in Africa as it was in Asia. It was already here. But revisionists want you to think that this was the land of “milk and honey” before the Europeans arrived. That the Aztecs and Mayans spent their time chasing butterflies in fields of flowers as opposed to making human sacrifices to their gods and wars on their enemies. That the Black Foot, Iroquois, Navajo and Sioux spent more time stringing beads than they did waging war on one another. I apologize for preaching to the choir.

Outside of “the Media” the world is in much better shape than within the world they create. And this is all the media, Fox News and Breitbart do not get a pass because they cater more to the center than to the extreme. Their social media posts do just as many fake posts and fake comments as all the others for improved Google Analytics. Their news produces, like those of CNN and all the alphabets post fake comments meant to enrage, so you engage so their numbers go up and they can charge more for advertising. A simple model that uses you and I as fodder. It is a business and the business is selling anxiety as content.

The price of “staying informed” is fueling the sales of Zolof and Paxil.



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