The Weapon of Next-to-Last Resort

I know, the choices for a back-up gun are endless and there are so many short barreled autos available in impressive calibers, but here is a thought:

This is my go-to gun if I am ever very up close and personal, and may have lost my primary CCW (empty, taken from me, jammed). This is specifically for when I can tell by the smell how long it has been since he showered, I can see how long since he brushed his teeth by the food still in his gums and I have to focus on the fact that he is now less concerned with his personal grooming than he is with making me dead. But it is what I might not be able to see that drives my decision. He may have my head in a bear hug and I can’t see the stroller behind him or the person rushing to my aid who is just a few feet away, neither of which do I want to shoot.

So I want something that never misfires, doesn’t get jammed because I can’t clear the ejection port from his body or the ground or my body, and I want to put as many rounds into him as I can to MAKE HIM STOP!¬†Hence my choice of a small caliber wheel gun.

I know I will get the comment that the cylinder can be restricted by the bodies pressing against it. Maybe, I haven’t though of a safe way to test this theory. I also know how far a slide has to travel to eject a spent round and chamber a fresh one, again, assuming no body parts or the ground are going to foul its operation.

So I have my little Taurus DX 9-shot in 22 long rifle with a 1.5″ barrel. Clearly some people are not a fan due to rim fire vs center fire, and here is a good case for that – Say No to a 9-shot 22 lr. But not good enough for me as this is indeed my gun of last resort, and with my luck my only shot might be right at my other hand wrapped behind this guys head, grabbing his pony-tail, or mullet if I am that far south, and I so don’t like shooting myself. I haven’t tried to do that since I did it clearing my Daisy Red Ryder BB gun when I was 9 years old. It hurt, it was the palm of my left hand, and it hurt less than all the times I caught my fingers in the lever, but still.

So, in a simple test I shot 8 rounds at target panel 1 above in rapid fire from 15′, 8 rounds at target panel 6, again in rapid fire from 10′, and 8 rounds in rapid fire at target panel 5 at 5′. The double action performed well, no misfires and if you look at the picture at the start of the article of the Blazer ammo box you can clearly see that it had indeed spent too much time in my stash, near the bottom. The intended purpose of this gun is really to fire point-blank or after you have inserted the barrel into one of his orifices, any one, as this is no time to be choosy, or squeamish.

And, a side benefit of this weapon is it is a great “first” gun to teach people shooting. Small, light, easy to operate, not LOUD, doesn’t kick like a mule. A way to build some familiarity and comfort before moving onto other calibers. And 22 lr ammunition is again readily available (yet another reason to celebrate the deleting of all things Obama) and comparatively inexpensive.

And of course, ALWAYS remember to have an empty chamber under a resting hammer in any wheel gun.

And yes, I do carry a knife, a Bastinelli, as the LAST weapon of resort, doesn’t everyone?

BTW, that Daisy Red Rider STILL shoots straight – you can tell by the number of pigeons and doves that end up in my recycle bin because they still don’t get the rule that defecating on my pool deck is a capital offense. Be safe out there, and ready.


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