The Team is Tiring of “Taking One for The Team”

Take one for the team” is a recurring theme in every political arena, in every media broadcast, on all the print-media’s “editorial pages” and at every pulpit where people are pushing their own self-motivated agenda.

The “Team” is tired of taking one from people who are out to destroy the “team”.

National Firearms Act Of 1934: We “took one for the team” by allowing the government to restrict form factors of weapons

Gun Control Act of 1968: We “took one for the team” by allowing the government to restrict sale/transfer with a mandated Record of Transaction (Form 4473.)

Firearm Owners Protection Act Of 1986 – Hughes Amendment: We “took one for the team” by allowing the government to criminalize manufacture and sale of select fire (genuine “assault weapons”) firearms

Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act Of 1993: We “took one for the team” by allowing the government to pervert that “Record Of Transaction” into a background check

We have already taken more than enough “for the team”….and now their team is becoming pretty clear to us. I was once naive and stupid. I once served the government, and proudly, but as I see more and more of “the government” I see what “taking one for the team” really means.

Bump Stocks are now in the cross-hairs. I have one sitting in my office from SlideFire Solutions. It has been in my “parts cabinet” for a couple of years. I can make a bump-stock from a leather belt, paracord, or strips of rags. Crude, but it will work.

So how do you “outlaw” something that one can make from such common materials? Not to fear (I am being sarcastic) as “the government” will find a way. Don’t believe me, then read United States Code Title 18  “18 U.S.C.” There is always a way when enough lawyers get together and Washington D.C. has more lawyers in it than any European country.

Think it can’t happen here? Remember the Obama/Rice fabrication over the murders that happened in Benghazi? Did you know the “perpetrator” of the claimed video was arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and sent to jail? And BTW, that same LA Sheriff’s Department maintains a “gangs database.” After all they patrol the County that gave birth to the Crips, the Bloods and runs the minor league gangs such as 18th Street where their members get called up to MS-13 when they have “made their bones.” Well, the years when the Oakland Raiders played at the Los Angeles Coliseum, 1982 to 1994, if you were seen and photographed in those “gang areas” wearing a Raiders jack, shirt or hoodie, well, you were entered into that database. One that is checked when a “background check” is performed in California.

If I had a tail covering my butt I would grab a hold of it as well and hold on tight.

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