Keltec’s CMR 30 .22 WMR

Right from the start THIS is a fun gun to shoot. As soon as I saw it I knew I wanted it and it did not disappoint. Of course I want a larger capacity magazine, but I can learn to get past that. While 30 rounds is more that any politician thinks a human should be allowed to have, except for THEIR bodyguards, it goes quick when you are at the range or in a TEOTWAWKI, SHTF off-grid survival scenario that seems to be just one more Demon-cratic scandal away. This would be the camp-gun I would never leave home without, or go to the latrine without, or to sleep without.

And YES, I want to exchange the 16″ standard barrel and get a 9″ barrel with a silencer, though it isn’t really putting out a lot of db’s as is. I like the 9″ as it is efficient, the minimum length to get the benefit of every grain of powder in the load and would make this easy to maneuver gun even easier to maneuver in smaller places – in hallways, trapped in a gym locker with an 8-foot cobra, inside a vehicle, in Mexican Cartel drug tunnels, in the catacombs of European churches, in the swamp that is Washington D.C., you know, all those places one passes through on a regular basis in their dreams.


The specs:

This lightweight has the feel of a real machine gun, though semi-auto it just feels right, swings easily, quick to shoulder with the extended stock and quick to bring lethal fire on an intended target.

The red-dot sight on this one had not been sighted in yet but some test shots and Kentucky windage let me get straight to the shooting for effect in a controlled facility. Yes mom, I will sight it in, soon, very soon. As a close-up, win the battle in tight quarters THIS is my new  gun of choice. Chambered in the 22 WMR it won’t shoot through steel doors or reinforced concrete walls like the 300 Mags did in John Wick or The Accountant, but then you could carry and shoot this one all day long.

Fun to operate. Love the slide loader, the extended stock, the almost zero recoil and the reduced cost of ammo.

Not a fan of the 22 WMR? Because? Hitting power? I beg to differ but the chance to put a few of these in a circle not much bigger than that of a single 45 ACP in just slightly more seconds makes this a pretty lethal little gun. One that can be stored almost anywhere due to its size and design. Fires just fine without the extended stock, well, extended, and in close quarters, that works.

Putting a few rounds in at a distance the stock definitely needs to be extended to allow you to aim from a proper shouldered position, and sighting in the red-dot sight is a given.

This is the gun that you will always take to the range to provide a “fun shooting” experience that brings you back to center when your 300 Mag is still drifting high and left at 700 yards no matter how you tweak the sight.

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