Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding AR Stock Adapter


You know, I am so sick of seeing the news that I decided to take the Laws into my own hand….(queue drum roll – “but-a-bump”)….

…the Law Tactical Gen 3 Folding stock. Right off the bat I want you to know that the stock does notlock” in, there is wiggle. After going over every piece to adjust that out I watched two videos that each stated a “tight closure” but you can clearly see the play in the stock when closed on the videos.

In this video you can see the play at 8:34 as well as at 9:14 and, and at 10:13 the presenter states “locks up solid….” but alas there is noticeable play. Don’t know if my definition of “tight” is well, too tight, but it did not affect the firing of the rifle THOUGH I had an interesting time with this weapon in my test facility….


I also installed the Superlative Arms Adjustable Gas block on this AR which “comes closed” and won’t cycle rounds until it is “bleed off”. I was frankly amazed at how far I had to adjust it to get it to fully chamber a new round. It was two complete turns of the adjustment pin and it appears there is little left to fine-tune the performance.

The folding stock worked fine and made the enormous difference of “fitting in a shorter rifle bag”. But I had no short rifle bags so it left me with two options – go buy one OR use one with the stock NOT folded. For a $300+ part the “bang” for this buck was really not there for me. Looks cool, works, but then so does my lawnmower. I guess if I were doing a covert assault and I was put in a suitcase and then wheeled into a foreign embassy this would be of value, and it would unfold faster than I would. Okay, one plus! And it does look cool, so another half plus.

Of course the rifle can not be fired with the folded stock open without rework of the bolt plug and even then I would want to fire that configuration with the rifle in a fixed bench mount with me standing to the left or right as opposed to behind it. The far right actually 😉

When I took it into the test facility I was excited. Not only did we have the folding stock and the adjustable gas block but this rifle also has a 20″ Wylde 1.8 223 gold-tone barrel and matching bolt and I wanted to see what velocities I could achieve using the standard 5.56 x 45 mm NATO 55 grain FMJ (X193, muzzle velocity rated at 3,165 FPS in a standard 16″ barrel.)

Well, shooting this thing was a trip as first I had to do the adjustments on the gas block. I suggest good gloves and a tender touch to avoid singing skin on a hot barrel. Once I got it to cycle a single round, it would not fully engage the bolt back to the firing position, so more “fine tuning” when, I really didn’t have much left.

Then the color of the magazine came into play…no, really, matching Magpul 30 round mags, one in transparent OD and one in the transparent black. The transparent OD mag would fire two rounds then not chamber a third while the black fired 6 rounds before having the same issue. I wrote this off to more gas block adjustment and in each case a whack of the charging assist set the round correctly. This sort of fixed the issue but only after firing about 55 rounds did it “settle in” and function correctly. Now this weapon is a hodge-podge of different parts pulled together to make an AR (like my others are) and I thing it just needed to wear a little (yes, it was oiled and clean when I started.)

It does look cool, velocities north of 3,300 fps were achieved and I am going to keep this one to prove that even though I am not 25 anymore, you are still in range!


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