Sixteen Years

What were you doing on September 11, 2001?

That morning I woke up happy in Southern California, my late wife was alive and in remission, we were both working and getting ready for the day. My phone rang just before 6 am and it was my daughter who lived, and still lives, in Houston Texas. She asked “Have you turned on your TV yet?” Ominous words, I responded “No, we never watch that thing in the morning!” and she replied “You should do it, love you. Bye.” And so I did, as did everyone else pretty much everywhere. I didn’t make it to work, caught up in events I couldn’t turn away from while my wife went and busied herself in her home office, her method of allowing the events to process. We had spent the entire July of that summer traveling through Northern Italy, now part of a world that was changed forever.

My story is just askew of everyone else, each of you older than 25, have a similar tale to tell. My point here is that I think 16 years has made a significant difference in America. That the initial burst of patriotism has been steadily chipped away, maliciously in my personal opinion.

There were doubters from the start, most if not all easily explained away as mental illness, or hate so blind that it sees in everything only what it fears. Another form of mental illness perhaps, but just as debilitating.

Now we see that over these past 16 years, that illness has been nurtured, sheltered, and quietly institutionalized by those with an agenda. Perhaps latent anger from the flower children of the 1960’s who really never accomplished anything to change the world. Embraced communism and socialism not because it was better, but because they failed as members of the establishment and hated it for it. The “enemy of my enemy” philosophy. Psychiatry is not my field of study, but then again I have my eyes open.

I hate the image I posted with this article. I have a home in sight of one of the locations where the 911 attackers trained right here in America.

I have come to distrust the media and to always question motives. I am not alone. On this day, while I recall those brave souls who were murdered, honor those brave souls who “marched into hell” to try and save others, those who stepped up, I also still morn the America lost to agendas and greed. They existed at that time as well, but not on the global stage they occupy today.

But I am not without hope. As I said my daughter lives in Houston, her home was destroyed by Harvey, her and her husband evacuated by kayaks and were rescued by just one of thousands of people looking for people to help, simply because they needed help. THAT America is still strong and this day still means so much.



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