Getting a Grip!!!!

If you will recall from my post “Mossberg® From the Hip!” I stated at the end: “I was going to switch out the forend for the MAGPUL®  M-LOK Forend for the Mossberg®  590/590A1 pictured above but it does not fit on the Shockwave….however, it will on my Model 500, hmmmm…”

Well, it might have worked on the Model 500 BUT, while digging out my Model 500 a Model 590/A1 showed up! I love when things like that happen.


 The Model 500


 The Model 590/A1


Changing the forend was a breeze ESPECIALLY since they provided the right tool to take down the magazine tube nut.

You first removing the barrel, which on these weapons is straight forward, slide the bolt to the mid-position, of course after inspecting and assuring no rounds are anywhere in or near the weapon, then unscrew the take-down screw and the barrel pulls right out. The hardest part of this operation was finding a clean spot on my work table to put the barrel aside. (Note to Self: review that “8 Wastes” thingy again!)

Once done the supplied tool slips down, engages the two slots on the slide-action tube nut and can be unscrewed easily – if you are a Sumo Wrestler. However, placing the gun on a soft mat, free of other stuff, and a few whacks of the turning wings with a soft-headed mallet and it will break it free to be easily unscrewed.

Then you can simply slide the factory forend off. The new forend comes with two anti-rotation inserts, one for the 500 and 590 and another for the 590/A1. One will work and, as anti-establishment as it may sound, reading the instructions at this point was of value. Simply pop the right one in, it only works facing one way, and slide the new forend into place and re-assemble the weapon.


Range time!

I fired the two red shells, Federal ® 12 ga. 2 3/4 9-pellet 00 Buckshot, at the head, the two black shells, Remington®  12 ga. 2 3/4 7 1/2 Bird-shot at center mass and the one white shell, a Brenneke ®  Special Forces 12 ga. 2 3/4 Maximum Barrier Penetration Magnum 1 3/8 oz. slug, at the lower cover.

The action was smooth, all rounds chambered from the feeding tube and the forend grip was comfortable, solid and natural. I am a fan. I will check tomorrow to see if the Brenneke left a bruise.

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