Coonan the Barbarian!

We love Glocks.

  But we like 1911’s as well and this Coonan, in .357 Magnum, is a beast! It comes with a 22 lbs. spring, which is designed to function with the 125 gr. and 158 gr. jacketed .357 ammunition. They caution against “mild or cowboy” loads as these will not fully compress the 22 lbs. spring, and that is bad, very bad.

And I can attest to that as I was challenged compressing the 22 lbs. spring while cleaning the weapon and switching out springs, for….

…you see, to allow this .357 Magnum to be like others and fire .38 Special +P rounds you have to swap out the 22 lbs. spring with the supplied 10 lbs. spring (pictured below). And one does not work with the other, either way. It warns specifically against this and I am only going to imagine what would happen if I shot a .357 Magnum 158 gr. round with the lesser 10 lbs. spring installed. It would NOT be pleasant or pretty.

It also comes with a “magazine loader pin” which is attached to the red vessel seen in the picture above. The vessel holds a set of soft ear plugs. You depress the follower and insert the pin through the side of the magazine to hold the follower down while you load 7 rounds of the right ammunition.

I know, I know, how does it shoot? Sweetly. Very well balanced, smooth slide action, minimal recoil. And the factory installed sights are set accurately for 15 feet. This is an impressive weapon that is going to have people bothering you at the range.

One other feature I like is the “grip lock”  seen below:

It is designed so that the pistol has to be held firmly (as larger as this weapon is you would have to be a snowflake to hold it any other way) and the grip lock in a down position in order to fire the weapon (take that Glocks!) It blocks the sear and the cocked hammer. I am okay with this added safety feature, though I still hate the fact that I have to press my unlock on my car remote twice to open the passengers side. I may never get over that one.

IAC they are not inexpensive but the quality is certainly there for the price. Plus I have an extra large Christmas stocking and one put in there would be very nice Santa, hint, hint. I have been good, well since that one thing anyway….


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