Redwire’s Newest Med Kit

The MK-82 SOB (Small of Back) Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) from Redwire ( is one of the best IFAK pouches we have seen in a long time. Perfect for wearing belt mounted on, well, the small of your back.

This is a great piece of gear for factory workers, production floor personnel or any facilities employees who don’t need to waste time finding the closest wall mounted emergency kit to be able to render first aid ASAP. Also great for any field workers who range any distance from their support vehicles.

Great for anytime you are hiking, backpacking, walking the no-go zones of Europe, America’s larger cities, at the range (fits well on my rifle bag), hunting wild boar with just a camera and your Starbucks Frappuccino, or participating in any event where Antifa may show up.

The pouch sells from Redwire at $59, medical supplies not included. Packed right this is a serious part of your gear for serious situations.

I would advise you to not wear this on the back of your plate carrier as when you need to eat dirt, we are not fans of anything that makes you thicker, other than that last slice of pizza last night, or sticks up to expose your location. To be clear the military does allow this and considering the amounts of items they have to carry, it does make sense in a full combat situation. Your call depending on the demons you may face.

We added an external tourniquet to ours and we don’t think this really interferes with your ability to get the pull-out pouch out? Having a tourniquet, and knowing how to use it, is never a negative, and it is not a problem. The Swat-T does fit within the pouch if that is your preference.

We packed ours with:

  • Combat shears
  • Combat tape
  • XL-rubber gloves, good ones
  • FoxSeal Chest seals (2)
  • H&H Flat Folded Compression Dressing
  • QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge, 50 g 5” x 5”
  • H&H Flat Compressed Gauze
  • Swat-T Tourniquet
  • Dynarex 4” Compressed Bandage

ALSO, we want to advocate that in order to wear one of these you should be trained in the use and application of all the piece-parts. One can do more harm than good if they have not been trained on their proper use.  (Hint: NEVER use a tourniquet like they do in most TV shows and movies as the “dramatic effect and macho advice” put in by the writers is usually just wrong.) We have heard often that “knowledge” adds no weight, maybe, but we subscribe to the fact that a lack of knowledge knows no bounds.

Redwire has updated the belt clips and we very much approve of the new, cleaner design, a value add to be sure. Our one downside from our point of view is the price-point. It is a great pouch and a clever practical design, but $59 dollars empty is a bit high in our humble opinion.


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