HK P7-M8, Um, What?

First reaction – “What the…?!?!” I was a little taken aback especially thinking about yet another contraption to operate in a shooting sequence

The Heckler & Koch P7M8 pistol, which is chambered in 9×19 mm (9 mm), was considered as a 1911 replacement some 35 years ago (yes, it takes the government THAT long to make a decision.) It’s unique look, and its cocking lever mechanism certainly take some adjustment in ones traditional thinking. The thinking was “safety” before those who hate guns thought of a million other ways to make a gun NOT operate when needed. Simply put you need to squeeze the cocking lever on the front of the handle to cock the weapon and to hold it depressed to fire the weapon.

The upside: if you release the mechanism the weapon de-cocks and will not fire.

The downside: if you release the mechanism the weapon de-cocks and will not fire.

NOT a fan of any politically motivated “improvement” to a weapon, and I don’t think this was, though they will claim that, I actually loved the gun once I fired it a few times. It was fun, accurate and SAFE! A great teaching tool for a new, and especially a nervous new shooter. I know this puts me in the minority as the gun never did catch on, but has become sought after by collectors looking for the odd or different.

I could not be complete in analyzing this gun unless I talk about their polygonal rifling. H&K has stuck with this as well as Glock and CZ-USA. Originally designed by a British engineer and  entrepreneur for cannons, a number of weapons makers employ it over traditional rifling.

My bottom line: Accurate! While my grouping might not advance me in match competition I did manage to save this kid!

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