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While getting my Starbucks “fix” this morning in North Phoenix I crossed the path of a thin black man in his 30’s outside of the entrance who did not make eye contact with me, seemed distracted but not threatening. After I got my coffee and took a seat I saw a white Phoenix Police Officer, also in his 30’s, enter the shop and talk to one of the employees. Past them I saw 3 marked police cars, each with a white officer in the same age range.

After the discussion with the Starbucks employee the officer went outside, talked to his fellow officers and then approached the black man who seemed disoriented. They talked, one on one with the other officers standing back, observing.

Out of a respect I did NOT point my cell phone at the scene and begin filming because I am not a liberal looking for my 5 minutes of fame.

The officers never touched the man, he seemed to respond to the one officers inquiries, and ultimately they bought him breakfast and apparently called his family as a woman came and picked him up, and they all left.

This intrigued me for two reasons, obviously because it transpired right in front of me, but earlier I had seen a video re-posted from the Occupy Democrat trash heap, of a very old man in Asia entering a police station holding a knife and encountering a very large young police man, who talked to him for a moment, then the old man handed the police officer his knife, and sat in a chair and wept. The officer then hugged the old man. Of course Occupy Democrat played the video to show cops don’t need guns, just hugs. In this case they didn’t.

My point is that what I observed happens day in and day out, not only across America, but around the world. That there are a thousand, if not ten thousand acts of kindness and understanding for every act spun by the media as “rampant hate”. They do occur and they get spun for agenda. One more point, everyone involved in this other than me was a millennial.


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