A Round(s) Solution for a Square (rectangular) Hole!

A PMAG D-60 showed up on my doorstep and, as advertised it is “a durable, lightweight and reliable 5.56×45 NATO/.223 Remington polymer mag for the AR15/M4 compatible weapons.


At first glance I thought the size would be a hindrance as this was my first “round-mag” since shooting a 30-round drum on a Thompson Sub-machine Gun (you don’t want to know.) It was not, even on a cement table at the public range, and in 105-degree of blazing sun!

It was a solid lock in my Larue LT-15 AR and felt secure. No wiggle, no jiggle.
Fired all 60 rounds, in 10 round bursts at side-by-side targets at 100 yards. My optics were good so good groupings. No jams at all, it fired every round.

It took about 6 minutes to load the first time. It was a two-handed job and I recommend doing it on a foam mat so you can press down and get it stable, as it can rock left or right about 20-degrees sitting on a flat surface.

The Ratcheting “loading” lever (see below) worked, got all 60 rounds in, though the last 10 were a challenge – being right-handed my left-thumb suffered. They advertise “Features an easy-to-use loading lever” – reality is the mag is a bit of a challenge to keep steady while working the lever and inserting a round, a third hand would have solved the problem.

The feed tower is advertised as “compatible” with most loading devices but was not compatible with my LULA loader, which works fine on all the other Magpul magazines I own.
I am sure loading  a second magazine right after loading the first would have been more like 8 minutes if I could have found a thimble large enough for my thumb. As a result I would use them as SHTF solutions and store them for the rainy day, as opposed to a solution to take to the range to practice on a regular basis. I like leaving empty magazines next to my cleared rifle when I go downrange to check, repair or retrieve targets.

The spring and case seemed very solid and I did load the magazine three (3) days before going to the range so I don’t have good data on how it stood up, other than again, it did fine in the 105-degrees.

The back plate has a small “see-through” window which gives an indication of rounds left, it obviously does not show all the rounds when fully loaded. It does indicate the last 10 rounds on the mark on “10” and you can see the brass on the bottom mark indicating “60” when it is full, so that works. In between it just shoots and shoots and shoots. I want a couple more!

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