Why Guns and Armor

We love guns. We love equalizers, we love things that give us an edge, hedge our bet. We love being over-prepared as opposed to being caught empty handed and without options. We love things that keep our dedicated warriors in the fight and the warrior deep within all of us ready should circumstances put us in the fight. We like writing the history of such events and only survivors get to do that. (And we do not like those who have never been there rewriting history.)

Since I was born and raised in an earthquake zone, I know there may be no warning when or where you will be when a life or death event may present itself. Where your family members will be, where it is safe, when it is safe again. If “safe again” is a return to a known state or something new, requiring change. There are no pause buttons, no rewind or do-over, no “time out”, no referee, and no buzzer.


There are so many indicators that the risk, to everyone, in the normal course of their day-to-day lives is more prevalent now than just 8 years ago. Sadly, everything is influenced by politics and the reality is eight years of appeasement and weakness are reaping their karma worldwide.

So many arguments that love, hugs, understanding, tolerance, coloring books, jobs, food stamps, free cell-phones and appeasement are the keys to “coexistence”. One can chose to live in the lollipop forest and frolic with the unicorns or one can chose to be prepared for the real world.

In the real world one factors in basic intelligence, a knowledge of history and of human nature. These being gained with a common-sense approach to the real world, as opposed to a “utopia” created in cyberspace by agenda-driven entities.

We chose prepared as we can be and that means guns and armor and their associated tactical gear are tools at our disposal to deal with the real world, to give us an edge that can mean the difference between being history or writing history.

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