Were Milk Duds® ahead of their time?

After all they were “created”, per our left-of-center Wikipedia in 1926 by Le Noble & Company of Chicago. Now, as a scientist I have a basic problem with “created” but we’ll leave that to a post some night when the dogs of war are keeping me awake and the covfefe isn’t working.

What I like is to dissect words, so let’s dissect Milk Dudes®. Milk, as a verb – to get something from, exploit (thank you Dictionary.com). Duds, as a noun – a device, person, or enterprise that proves to be a failure (again, thanks Dictionary.com). So “Milk Duds” are those who exploit for a failed enterprise. If only we could put all those that meet this definition in a sealed box as Le Noble & Company did….

So, let’s talk about today’s “Milk Duds.” In our world, with the combined wisdom of mankind available in a hand help device, future archeologists will marvel at the fact that we used them to watch cat videos. (Prove me wrong.) But I digress, as these devices have become our main connection to world around us, news, weather (going outside and looking is so last century), events (waiting in anticipation for the band “Buckets of Filth” to announce their upcoming tour dates and locations), and, of course, the rest of the world events that might affect us. For the sake of an economy of tangents I will leave out food selfies (a Communist plot and the subject of a separate post), likes of ugly pics of friend’s friends who should have thought longer, or been less tanked, before posting THAT picture of themselves, phishing apps that ask us to “like” things as if “likes” were of any use or value, and other such communications that draw concern for the averaging down – quickly – of humankinds general IQ.

So, my list of Milk Duds is as follows, the Media, all media sadly, Politian’s, all of them sadly, Pundits, all of them as well, sadly and finally all their “minions.” I will try and put a positive spin on this and say I positively think these are indeed Milk Duds by my definition.

The media has not packaged news and presented it fairly in decades. Yes, I know you are all aware of this but sometimes it helps to hear it from others. With the advent, decades ago, of the “Information Highway” there was a renewed hope of the free exchange of ideas, a fleeing one as government self-perpetuated to be a controlling presence in every forum, every medium, every conversation. Have you seen “1984?” I would normally ask if you had “read” it but reading is so last century.  The original movie got it right except for the physics of “big brother” who is a small portable screen in every purse or pocket as opposed to a giant screen on the wall. “Siri, are you and Cortana fighting again?” Sire “no, we are just exchanging notes…”

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