Michigan’s Legislative “eight (8) Rounds” of Concealed Carry

Vintage session

Michigan, a state that went solidly for Trump in November, is making a lot of dramatic right-turns. For the first time since 1988 the state voted Republican and is now addressing their existing concealed carry law!

Their current law, from the left-of-center Wikipedia: Michigan is a “shall issue” state for concealed carry. Open carry is generally permitted. Carry in a vehicle is always considered concealed, and therefore requires a license. City or Charter Township may restrict the discharge of firearms (see MCL 123.1104).

There are currently eight (8), yes eight “bills” running through the Michigan State Houses – House Bills 4554, 4560, 4565, 4616, 4268, and 4413, and Senate Bills 219, and 366, all addressing “pieces” of the same basic right. Hopefully you are not still wondering why things do NOT get done at any level of government. To quote Mark Twain “Lawyers are like other people – fools on average; but it is easier for an ass to succeed in that trade than any other.”

So, what and why are they changing and why should the rest of us care? Well, to quote a friend who once drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco with a 12-gauge shotgun he was giving as a gift to his father “I am pretty sure I broke a few state laws and dozens of local laws by doing that…” He did then and he would violate more if he made the trip now. One way to implement a change, without implementing the specific change, is to legislate, at all the levels of government, rules and restrictions that are not in alignment with a clear policy. THIS is why our founding fathers were so in favor of “limited government”, why we are a Constitutional Republic as opposed to a Democracy, because, in a Democracy government has no limits. So, by enacting so many laws at every level of government, those who believe in an all-controlling government, are never without a means to implement their agenda.

In Michigan one bill wants to extend concealed carry licenses to people under 21 years old, 18 years old and above to be accurate. The basis is yet another indictment on the education system, the root of so much wrong in our world. The reasoning is it will force applicants to meet the training and background “requirements” it already enforces on others, by yet more state laws.

Of course, this, like all measures that have the word “gun” in them, is opposed by groups like Physicians Preventing Gun Violence and Moms Demand Action, and anything remotely associated with America’s newest war (?) ship “the Gabby Gifford.” Of these groups, I found only one argument with a ring of truth, Physicians for you know states, of 18-20-year old’s “Their brains are developing, and adolescents don’t really fully develop their brains until age 24 or 25…” We see proof of this every night from Berkeley to Portland to NYC, and across college campuses throughout America. Then again, looking at the members of the media reporting on such matters, we see that there are many with brains that never develop. Our courts are run by them, as are all branches of our government and the MSM, which I contend owns the Democratic Party, as opposed to the other way around. BTW, all my military service was conducted during this period in my life, like that of most veterans. Difference is we had competent direction from experienced professionals as opposed to college professors who still live in their parents’ basements.

“I ain’t from Michigan so why should I care?” Because this is how we lose control. Because this is how we as a people lost control of our educational intuitions. It started at the local School Board level, those positions on the ballot few of us think about until we are in the booth. THEY approve the textbooks, the assigned reading lists and the curriculums that now are used to indoctrinate, rewrite history, and teach opinion and agenda. They appoint the Superintendent and control fiscal authority. In the 1980’s this was a platform of the DNC, to “control the future” in just two generations, they are ahead of the curve. As for your concealed carry rights state laws and their supporting court decisions are used as “precedent” to an already politized judiciary. Therefore, we should care about Michigan and every other state when it comes to MORE laws concerning our 2nd Amendment rights, and our 1st Amendment rights, and all the other Amendments as well.

Be situation aware, know your world and the things that are happening in it as they will impact you. Of course, this will play out in Michigan over many months, maybe more than a year, maybe not at all as some or all may die in committee. Vigilance is tiring but the rewards cannot be overemphasized.

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