So the journey begins…..

Irreverent and relevant, our wheelhouse…..nothing is sacred! Guns – yes, armor – yes, tactical gear and supplies – yes, political correctness, seldom if ever, it would be a matter of coincidence! It happened once though it has been awhile since that event.

I will talk of guns and armor and tactical gear because that are important. I will talk of how these are affected by events as much as I will talk of the innovations they present.

I am here to keep you informed as to the world around us, the big news, sure, but more importantly those things that tend to be “slipped by” because, you know, we are all sheep and shouldn’t concern ourselves with what the government is doing, because they ALWAYS know what is good for us. I concern myself. And unlike the MSM I want you “aware” but not manipulated and spun for ratings and sponsor dollars. I will leave your level of “concern” to be managed by you. Think of it as you are the gun and I provide some bullets and you decide whether to chamber them or not.

I am acerbic and sarcastic and I promise to make you laugh, to make you think, and hopefully to make you just a little smarter every day. My best quality – I no longer think I know everything, which is a real plus in today’s world. Come on in and join The Armored Republic!

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A former rocket scientist (really) who has traveled the world, father, freedom lover, hates to stay indoors, and loves wild places, people and things. PC challenged, irreverent but always relevant and always looking to learn new things.


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