Horton’s Storm RDX

OBVIOUSLY I was drooling when this showed up on my doorstep. As a long time “purist” bow-hunter who loves his American 45 lbs. long bow…and who has “donated” many a carbon arrow “to nature” – there should be an app like “Find My Phone”! Hmmm, let me rethink that, anything with a transmitter can be hacked, so, never mind. No app, no “wireless” security systems for the home, and on and on…

I have hefted and drawn many a compound bow and I have been close to pulling out my credit card but I have not done so yet. So why not take the leap and leapfrog technology? Plus, afters a while even ? gets tired drawing a 45 lbs. long bow.

Of course the 165 lbs string pressure certainly makes the draw on this animal a challenge, one that five different men at the office failed at, myself included.




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