The New Way to Stick it to PALS!


Vanquest’s 5″ MOLLE Sticks:

ANYONE who has had the privilege of adding pouches to anything with the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) “system” is just gonna LOVE these locking 5″ MOLLE Sticks from Vanquest Gear.

With their locking top clip, they call it a latch, THIS makes attaching any MOLLE pouch onto PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing a whole different experience.

Once you see this and use it you will know that “Generation 2” has arrived, eclipsing the nail-breaking needle-nosed pliers pulling, foul-language generating exercise of “loading up your load out!” while exceeding the heart-rate of a treadmill test.

I even put these sticks in a vice and whacked them with a hammer – blemished but still working.

They are tight to snap and unsnap at first but “wear in” quickly and they remain secure. Looping the two (2) lanyards together made for a repeatedly quick draw of the pouch, a medical IFAK in this case, from a plate carrier to where it might be needed.

Their “one-color Wolf Gray” looks more like the cans from the original C-Rations but form, fit and function trumps fashion here. After all they are buried in webbing and they do mostly work with all the standard carrier colors, Multi-cam, Wolf Gray, OD and Black (mostly). If it keeps their, and our cost down, I am all-in!

The manufacturer states they are made in the USA with high tensile strength Acetal polymers. We are believers!



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